The best-in-class health and safety technologies for races and outdoor sports

Designed to provide real-time infrastructure and life-saving innovations, RaceAware brings together modern technologies that aid and assist medical professionals and officials on race day events - or any high energy, adrenaline outdoor sport.

Raceaware is perfect for motorsport events or any outdoor activities that covers a vast ground area, such as skiing.

5G Enabled

With latest technologies, RaceAware takes advantage of the lates 5G network where available. This dramatically improves the connection quality, and makes possible real-time transmission of huge amount of data, such as 4K video livestreaming or high-sensitivity sensor data streams. These functionalities will be crucial to advanced monitoring, data analytics, automation and other areas that requires big data.

  • 3G

    2 mbps
  • 4G

    200 mbps
  • 5G

    >1 gbps

Dash Cam

A vehicle cam can be installed on vehicles ranging from BMX bikes through to WRC rally cars. The innovation of 5G networks will allow instant streaming of drivers and their location across a series of node networks setup per event. The feature will act as an entertainment add-on for event advocates, teams and supporters who can stream any chosen driver at any time.

IoT wearable

The IoT device for RaceAware participants can be pre-programmed to link to a race participant or possibly a member of support staff. The technologies utilised in the wearable focus on geolocation hardware for real-world geographic location user tracking and a minimal Holter monitor, a simple yet effective ECG. Other surrounding technologies include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity network implementations.


A series of apps will separate concerns on race day for tiered supporting staff. Onsite marshals will be enabled to monitor and manage individual race sections whereby they can report and update and be supplied real-time information.


The product, working title, "Insight" is a culmination of varying technologies that afford medical officers, clerks of the course and chief marshals real-time insights on event. At the core of the systems is an IoT application whereby competitor devices share information about their usage in real-time, fast!

The product offers a suite of features in which all data is streamed through an IoT Telemetry service capturing and syncing live application programming interface and video feeds from all devices in use.

  • Geolocation Reporting

    Real-time geolocation reporting of competitors or any IoT equipped personnel

  • Video Coverage

    Real-time video coverage services per competitor

  • Communication Services

    Real-time system notifications and communications between IoT devices

  • Health Diagnostic Reporting

    Real-time health diagnostic reporting through an IoT wearable

System Setup

  • Load up

    Each race or event is unique and in general, follows different routes over different geographical landscapes. Taking this into account RaceAware allows race day teams or individuals and support staff to pre-loaded onto the system along with geographic routing overlaying Google Maps API.

  • Download

    Download the Marshal App, and there are both iOS and Android apps available. The apps allow for immediate communication between race day support staff.

  • Networking

    The upcoming 5G infrastructure will allow through a series of network nodes installed on course the ability to stream and communicate in almost real-time. An exciting feature not present in many of the high adrenaline sports is real-time video streaming to supports. Outside of the safety insights gained from such a feature, the many new two-way communication abilities are vast.

  • Installation

    Dash cams require a per vehicle installation to ensure they stay on during the event. 4K recorders are mounted on the vehicle or bikes during the event for either real-time streaming, record archiving or later playback.

  • Attach

    IoT Wearables are set up on all race-day participants where required.

  • Test

    Testing! With IoT, apps and potential network issues, it is expected there are a few dry runs before going live with system architecture.

  • Broadcast and Monitor

    The RaceAware system is now ready for action!

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